Easy Way to Reduce Disappointments and Manage Expectations

managing expectations

Most of us have experienced leaving a sales call, meeting, or negotiation with a client feeling that our expectations haven’t been met, or worse, that we haven’t satisfied our client’s expectations. This usually results in disappointment. Disappointment is a negative feeling, and negative feelings are detrimental to good decision making, sound judgement, and successful planning. […]

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Be Careful Using this Technique When Building Rapport

Mirroring unconsciously

As part of the sales coaching work I was starting with a young sales representative, I joined him on a sales call to listen to and observe him. We waited in the reception area, and then were invited into the prospect’s office. The prospect was the Chief Technology Officer (CTO) and a decision maker. So […]

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How is Goal Setting like Flying a Jumbo Jet?

Goal Achievement

Whether you are setting business or personal goals, people often focus on how they will reach or achieve them, usually neglecting to fully define the goals themselves. Typically the result is failure to achieve the goals. Here’s how you can change that. Consider a jumbo jet taking off for a trans-oceanic flight. In order to […]

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Needs, Wants, and Like to Haves (Video)

Need, Want, Like to Have

The art of listening is critical in sales. In this short video I talk about three words, or groups of words and their importance in building up and keeping your customer’s or client’s interest. It’s a simple process of listening and confirming understanding during the needs assessment process in a sales cycle, yet most people […]

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Throw Away Your Sales Training Books

Sales Process

I saw some articles about the end of B2B solution selling as most people in sales know it. The focus, these articles claim, is no longer on helping clients define the problem and offering a solution to solve it. Naturally a bunch of sales people chimed in to complain how untrue this is. It’s untrue […]

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A Story Is Worth a Thousand Facts

A Story is Worth a Thousand Facts

When was the last time you were overwhelmed by emotions when reading a specifications sheet? If you have, you probably won’t admit it to anyone you know. The vast majority of people who buy things do so on emotion, and cold facts and figures simply do not evoke much emotion. In fact, they’re pretty boring […]

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How to Make More Good Decisions


When faced with an important decision, people usually conduct research and consider different points of view, then decide on what feels right based on what they have discovered. Notice though that you don’t decide what’s right based solely on research information, statistics, or even the opinion of others, but rather on how these things subjectively […]

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